8/23/2012 - It's been a busy several months, not only performing in my capacity as jazz pianist/composer, but, increasingly, as composer for media, writing, producing, mixing, and arranging music in a variety of genres (including some recent collaborations with "The Roots" on their last cd, Undun, as well as a performance with Questlove as part of his Shuffle Culture... more>>
D.D. Jackson "Canadian Inspirations"
Live from the Barrie Jazzfest, featuring pieces by Neil Young, J.S. Bach and myself.

Organ Nation demo
Audio - Demo recording of our new collective group featuring myself...
Composing for Film, T.V. & Media Website
Visit for more info on my work writing/producing/arranging for film, media, and for Emmy-award-winning t.v. shows.
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My version of "I Mean You". From the 2009 Barrie Jazz & Blues Festival (filmed by Joe Finley):

My version of Keith Jarrett's "The Windup", from the 2010 Barrie Jazz & Blues Fest (filmed by Joe Finley):

D.D. Jackson Endorses TetraSpeakers
I'm proud to be endorsing Tetraspeakers, a speaker company based in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada that I use for all my mixing/production in my home studio.
D.D. Jackson - Jazz Pianist/Composer

D.D. Jackson - jazz pianist/composer from D.D. Jackson on Vimeo.

Recorded Jun 30, 2007, an excerpt from my appearance with trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah's "Dispersions of the Spirit of Ra" (DIASPORA) group at New York City's Sweet Rhythm (video by Louis Jackson (no relation!)). It opens with a piano solo:

Download my most recent CD "Serenity Song"...
...for $9.95 (also available via mail order), and receive special Artistshare behind-the-scenes value-added content. Also available for download: "Suite for New York" and "Sigame".
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Improvisations on Bach's Goldberg Variations (tribute to Glenn Gould)
From my recent concert at the Barrie Jazz Festival, presented as a part of a concert of "Canadian Inspirations", from Neil  Young to Alanis Morisette (stream the entire second set from the "Canadian Inspirations" concert  here (D.D. Jackson Radio)).
FREE DOWNLOAD. "Serenity Song", the title tune from my new Justin Time CD "Serenity Song" (released on June 20/06). You can also click HERE to order the entire CD as part of my Artistshare Serenity Project Experience.
Trudeau opera - Political Power (opening number)
FREE DOWNLOAD. This is a demo of the opening number of the new opera I'm writing with librettist George Elliott Clarke on Canada's former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. This scene takes place in 1949 just as Mao is taking over and opens with Mao celebrating war; Trudeau then appears out of the shadows expressing a counter-sentiment and they ultimately sing simultaneously on opposite sides of the stage. Mao: Douglas Tranquada; Trudeau: John Lindsay-Botten; myself: piano and all other instruments.
2006 "Serenity Song" Recording Download Participant Offer (128 kbps Mp3)
A very warm welcome to my 2006 "Serenity Song" Download Participant Offer (128 kbps mp3). This new recording comes at a new crossroads in my life, in which the sense of tranquility and security I've experienced of late in my year-old marriage and new home have particularly informed my compositional...